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The Fun House

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Jellybean's club. 'Stone Fox Chase' by Area Code 605 was a popular track there. The Funhouse connects with electro and freestyle. Noteable producers include Arthur Baker and Jellybean.


The true spirit of NYC underground club night life was alive in the Funhouse. At any given Saturday night there would be in excess of 3000+ people in there from all over the city and NJ. The music was named "Electro" but was actually early freestyle mixed with R 'n' B type disco. Early NYC house tunes like "Set it Off", "Crash Goes Love" and "Music is the answer" were also part of Jellybeans diverse playlist. Some of my favorite "Electro" songs included, "Like Honey to a Bee", "To be Real" and "The Mexican" were played. Jellybean also hit "Ol Skool" regularly. Some of my favorite Funhouse "ol skool" included "Martin Circus", "Give it up and Turn it Loose", "Melting Pot", the original "Mexican", and "Dancing in Outerspace". Of course there were other parties that came close in the late 80's, but the Funhouse will always be legendary in my mind! -- Nestor of the deephousepage.com

Joseph Lachiana a/k/a Dj Joey Ghost

From an email I recieved on Wed, 4 Aug 1999

What can I say?........Meta Vibes iz awesome!!!......Great info.........

I am glad to see that there is someone out there preserving the dance community.

My name is Joseph Lachiana a/k/a Dj Joey Ghost. I am thirtysix years of age......

I've been around. My nineteen year dj career includes some nyc work.

Level 10 (The Top Floor) on west 26th street, Roseland back in 88 / 89, and the

grand re-opening of the legendary Funhouse to name a few.

Getting these nyc gigs changed my life.......but still looking for my place in the BIZ.

Freddy Bastone (an overlooked nyc dj from danceteria) gave me my "in" at Level 10............I auditioned and wuz the priveleged resident dj at nyc's Roseland in late 88, early 89 (between "baby j" and john "gungie" rivera) and while a student at CMA...... i heard of open auditions held at the old Funhouse (which was called Hearthrob at the time) for a grand re opening try at the Funhouse. I won that spot

but the promotion never took off.................????????? how could that early 80's funhouse muzik not have a following?............

I am stuck in the Funhouse still!........... cant get the vibe out of me.........im lookin to promote and dj a nite of old hard funhouse muzik....and there's plenty of it.can u help?

My songlist includes (please ctitique-if u have time)