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Garden of Eden (1955) - Max Nosseck

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  • The 1950's also saw the unveiling of bare breasts and buttocks in British cinemas. The 1954 'educational' American naturist romp Garden of Eden was refused a certificate by the Board, but some local councils disagreed with the decision and screened it uncut. This led to a deluge of similarly bland studies of nudism like Nudist Paradise (the first made in England), Michael Winner's Some Like It Cool and the classic Naked as Nature Intended starring Britain's answer to Bettie Page, Pamela Green. These movies usually consisted of long travelogue sequences ending with a few brief moments of nudity.

    --UK magazine Bizarre (Jan/Feb '98 issue...)

  • It was during the 1950's, however that the nudist film really exploded onto the screen. The breakthrough came in 1953, when the American film Garden of Eden was passed by the BBFC, after their original ban of the film was made redundant by over 180 local authorities, who approved the film for showing - some with a 'U' (suitable for all ages) certificate. The same film was the subject of a 1957 court case in America, where it was established that nudity per se was not obscene. Suddenly, the floodgates were open: audiences flocked to see, for the first time, breasts and buttocks, as naked as nature intended. Sexual organs were still banned, but this hardly mattered. Film-makers in the USA and the UK began to churn out dozens of 'candid investigations' into the world of the naturist club. --http://www.deepsensations.net/nudistfilm.html

  • [...] Imagine the reaction, then, to the 1954 film Garden Of Eden filmed entirely in - wait for it - a nudist camp!

    Garden Of Eden was immediately barred from New York screens for its "unwholesome sexually alluring positions", noting that disrobing for the camera did not constitute nudist camp protocol. The film’s distributor threw himself on the New York Court of Appeals in 1957. He argued the film was "highly educational" in probing the therapeutic qualities of nudism. Strangely enough the court relented. The judge declared that "nudism in itself, and without lewdness or dirtiness, is not obscenity in law or in common sense." The decision was a virtual green light for skin flicks now that nipples were finally legal. --http://www.trashvideo.com.au/Trash%20Confidential/Back%20Issues/Porno%20Chic.htm [May 2004]

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