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The Great Depression

Despite its popularity, the flapper lifestyle and look could not survive the Great Depression. The high-spirited attitude of non-restraint simply could not find a place amid the economic hardships of the 1930s.

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The Great Depression

The Great Depression was the global economic slump that began in the United States following Black Thursday, the Wall Street panic of October 1929. On October 29, 1929, share prices on Wall Street collapsed catastrophically, setting off a chain of bankruptcies and defaults that quickly spread overseas. The events in the United States triggered a worldwide depression, which put hundreds of millions out of work across the capitalist world throughout the 1930s.

On the global scale, the market crash in the U.S. was a final straw in an already shaky world economic situation. Germany was suffering from hyperinflation, and many of the Allied victors of World War I were having serious problems paying off huge war debts. In the late 1920s, the U.S. economy at first seemed immune to the mounting troubles, but with the start of the 1930s it crashed with startling rapidity. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Depression [Sept 2004]

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