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A rhythm, riddim in reggae vocabulary, is a rhythm pattern. It's basically a bassline and usually a special drumpattern is used with the bassline. Sometimes a short melody is associated with the riddim, but the main ingredient is the bassline. In other musical contexts it is called a groove, and that pretty well sums up what it is about.

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Groove is a popular music term, used in the sense of rhythm, for meter and its embellishment by a rhythm section. Richard Middleton (1999) describes, "the concept of groove - a term now theorized by analysts but long familiar in musicians' own usage - marks an understanding of rhythmic patterning that underlies its role in producing the characteristic rhythmic 'feel' of a piece, a feel created by a repeating framework within which variation can then take place." --Middleton, Richard (1999) - Key Terms in Popular Music and Culture, 0631212639 via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groove [Jul 2004]

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