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Hajime Sorayama (1947 - )

Illustration by Hajime Sorayama

A Profile

Born in 1947, Japanese erotic airbrush artist became a freelance artist in 1972 and became world-renowned after the first publication of his "Sexy Robot" works in 1983. His work is known and recognized around the globe, and there have been several collections of his work.

His Site

Sorayama's home page.


  • Torquere - Hajime Sorayama [Amazon US]
    This book is absolutely fabulous, filled with bondage, erotica and torture of all kinds. Sorayama's ability to capture the erotic essence of a female is astonishing. His attention to detail and creativity left me in awe.
    The all new artwork is bold, containing very explicit images. Most of the images are on one page. The pictures are often quite bizarre. Some themes include piercing, cowgirls, urination, and women in metal or with medical implements.
    Sadomasochism is very prevalent and most women are shown submissive. Many are in very extreme bondage. However, some women are in leather and hold whips or weapons, playing a more dominant role.
    My favorite image is a woman with zebra stripes shown in two positions. Other favorites include a woman hung inches from a circle of barbed wire, a bleeding mermaid, a harem girl and an angel with a devil tail. --Angel Lee for amazon.com

  • Naga - Hajime Sorayama [Amazon US]
    Naga is one of the greatest works of Sorayama yet. Your collection of fantasy art is not complete without this selection. His realism and techniques are unparalled; I kept waiting for the pictures to come to life! The only problem I had with the book is that many of the pictures contain images of bondage and violence, which I disagree with - the victims were in every case female - but if you can look past that, the book itself is truly a work of art. - angelles for amazon.com [...]

  • Sorayama: Complete Works (2003) - Hajime Sorayama [Amazon US]
    I think the work of Hajime Sorayama is unique in the world of erotic graphic artists so I was very pleased to get this book. There are several drawbacks though, the book is not the complete works, being a perfect-bound thick paperback it's not possible to open it fully (without breaking the binding) the paper is fairly course but it does support the 150 dpi the images are printed in, there are no page numbers and no dates on any of the artwork but despite all that it is still a fantastic book.

    To be able to see hundreds of examples of sexy robots, pin-ups and some really super examples of Sorayama's advertising work in this thick paperback will have to do until the definitive coffee-table book gets published. BTW if you are in a bookshop you can't miss it because it has an incredibly seductive, highly glossy cover mosaic showing details from thirty-one Sorayama paintings. --Robin Benson, amazon.com

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