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A hallucination is a sensory perception in the absence of an external stimulus. It may occur in any sensory modality - visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile or mixed.

Florid hallucinations are usually associated with drug use, (particularly hallucinogenic drugs), sleep deprivation, psychosis or neurological illness. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallucination

The Hollywood Hallucination (1944) - Parker Tyler [...]

10. The Hollywood Hallucination. [a] New York: Creative Age, 1944. Introduction by Iris Barry. [b] New York: Simon and Schuster, 1970. Introduction by Richard Schickel.

The first of Tyler’s books of imaginative film criticism, derived in part from his View essays. The Hollywood Hallucination introduces Tyler’s critical arabesques, elaborated in his later books, concerning Mae West, Mickey Mouse, the Good Villain and the Bad Hero, and the “somnambules”; and his Duchamp-like preoccupation with the mechanics of the body, especially in the essay “Of Mickey and Monsters,” and in the lyrical closing chapter’s meditations on the eye. An introduction by Henry Miller, commissioned by Tyler but rejected by the publisher, appeared in Miller’s Sunday After the War (Norfolk, Connecticut: New Directions, 1944) as “Original Preface to ‘Hollywood’s Hallucination’” [sic]. Characteristically, Miller’s essay has as little to do with Tyler’s book as his The Time of the Assassins has to do with Rimbaud. --http://www.torriblezone.com/ptbib.html [Aug 2004]


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