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Hector Cruz

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In 1986, Hector Cruz, who was a friend of the great Larry Levan, who was playing at clubs such as the Loft and The Garage, introduced them [Mateo & Matos] to the Loft. They got their first big break when they began playing at Cruz's House Nation club.

[June 1999]Tuesdays at 7pm
DJ Wil Milton of WNYU's Candy Store (Mondays at 10:30 pm on 89.1 FM) spins all his favorite Paradise Garage–type, soulful house tracks for this weekly soiree. Purists wishing to remember the deep house of the '80s shouldn't get too excited; every DJ who graces Sapphire's booth is somehow induced to play hip-hop and reggae sets. Host Hector Cruz's invitation to "release the tension" sounds more like a session at Hellfire than a scruffy Lower East Side lounge night, but with half-price drinks from 7 to 10 pm, who are we to be picky?
—Angela Tribelli

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