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Henri Michaux (1899 - 1984)


Henri Michaux (May 24, 1899, Namur - October 18, 1984) was an important, highly individualistic French-language poet, writer and painter who was born and educated in Belgium. Michaux is best known for his esoteric books written in a highly accessible style, and his body of work includes poetry, travelogues, and art criticism. Michaux travelled widely, tried his hand at several careers, and experimented with drugs, the latter resulting in two of his most intriguing works, Miserable Mescaline and The Major Ordeals of the Mind and the Countless Minor Ones.

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Henri Michaux

An accomplished poet and painter who used everything from drugs to eastern meditation to explore every facet of the internal human experience - from the anguish of life's impermanence to the ecstasy of spiritual transcendence.

Armchair Traveller

In Ocean of Sound by David Toop.


A people, in fact, devoid of wisdom, of simplicity and of depth, over-serious, though fond of toys and novelties, not easily amused, ambitious, superficial and obviously doomed to our evils and our civilization. -- Henri Michaux on Japanese people in A Barbarian in Asia

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