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engraving in the Bosch style - Brueghel (c.1525 - 1569)
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Special honor or respect shown or expressed publicly. See Synonyms at honor. --American Heritage Dictionary

Homage is generally used in modern English to mean any public show of respect to someone to whom you feel indebted. In this sense, a reference within a creative work to someone who greatly influenced the artist would be an homage. It is typically used to denote a reference in a work of art or literature to another, at least somewhat widely known, work of art; see In-joke for a somewhat similar meaning.

The original meaning of homage was the ceremony in which a feudal tenant or vassal pledged reverence and submission to his feudal lord, receiving in exchange the symbolic title to his new position (investiture). It was a symbolic acknowledgment to the lord that the vassal was, literally, his man (homme). More generally, it included any formal profession of reverence to a sovereign. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homage [May 2005]

Reverence or tribute

Reverence or tribute, as a serf might give to his lord, or an apostle to his master. artists throughout history have paid homage in various ways to those who influence them, as in Odilon Redon's Edgar Poe. --Robert Belton

Imitation, homage, fandom, plagiarism

What is imitation, what is homage, what is fandom and what is plagiarism? There are many books and articles and websites on copyright that will tell you, but I think the best guide is within yourself. --Caro Clarke, http://www.caroclarke.com/plagiarism.html

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