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The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

It is a dark and stormy night.

You are in a

"isolated castle on an inaccessible mountain top, the secluded country estate set in the middle of a large park and surrounded by insurmountable walls, the mysterious town house in London or Paris, the carefully furnished and elaborately equipped set of apartments to be found in any city at all, the deserted cove at the seaside, or the solitary cottage atop the cliffs, the inside of a brothel rented for a day, a week, or a month, or the inside of hotel room rented for the night—these are all the same place and are identically located." --(Marcus, 1966: 271.) quoted by Irvin C Schick, Arvin C Schick in the The Erotic Margin, 1999.

You are not alone, the 19 other guests include:

Charles Baudelaire - Walter Benjamin - Bosch - Roger Corman - Gilles Deleuze - Marcel Duchamp - Serge Gainsbourg - Michael Haneke - Larry Levan - Greil Marcus - Radley Metzger - Lee Perry - Marquis de Sade - Susan Sontag - Ettore Sottsass - Barbara Steele - Jacques Tati - David Toop - Colin Wilson

You want to have a conversation but you can't think of anything to say.

Shortly after your arrival, you realize that you have been brought here under false pretenses, but have no means of getting away. A mysterious gramophone recording informs you that all 20 of you are guilty of "crimes," though in your case the crime can not be dealt with by law. [Jun 2006]

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