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Hugh Masekela (1939 - )


Hugh Masekela (born Johannesburg, 1939) is a South African flugelhorn and cornet player. In 1961, as part of the anti-apartheid campaign, he was exiled to the United States where he was befriended by Harry Belafonte. He has played primarily in jazz ensembles, with guest appearances on albums by The Byrds and Paul Simon. In 1987, he had a hit single with "Bring Him Back Home" which became an anthem for the movement to free Nelson Mandela. After apartheid ended, Masekela returned to South Africa where he now lives. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_Masekela [Mar 2005]


  • Hugh Masekela "The Boy's Doin' It" Casablanca [1975]
  • Don't Go Lose It Baby Jive 1982


    • George Spruce: Hugh Masekela is also one of the funk/jazz fusion artists, best known from the '70s like with songs called ``The Boy's Doin' It'' and so on. This one is very mid-80's like (84) and sounds housey. Hugh plays trumpet on this one and overall the track is very dancable in the way how the groove and lyrics go together. I recently bought a CD album out on Emporio called: ``Hugh Masekela / African Breeze: '80s Masekela'' that features 12 songs from the 84-85 period.

      On that CD there's featured two versions of `Don't Go Lose It Baby ' track: `Stretch Mix' and `Dub Mix'. The origional 12" mix on Jive records was done by Nigel Green.

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