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Inner Life


I'll be right there, yes I will

This vocal group [Salsoul] was essentially support for the declarative, booming vocals of Jocelyn Brown, who had been a successful session singer herself prior to heading this group in 1979. Brown's lead turned "I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)" into a fine piece of disco soul.

I'll be right there, yes I will

Inner Life shows a lot of similarities to Musique. Both were masterminded by Patrick Adams and both featured the vocals of Jocelyn Brown (only on the first Musique). Inner Life also had the great Leroy Burgess and more importantly Inner Life was co-produced with personal favourite Gregory Carmichael. Musique was on Prelude, Inner Life on Salsoul and Prelude records.

  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Inner Life features a magnificent mix Larry Levan. 'Moment of My Life' and 'Make It Last Forever' were also great.
  • Inner Life - Inner Life [Amazon US]
    The Cd packaging does not give the original year of release, and elsewhere there has been some confusion whether this was Inner Life's second or third album. It is, however, their best release. Lead singer Jocelyn Brown is in the forefront of the mix, strong and recognizable in each track and even author of one track ("Pay Girl"). The original album starts and ends with ballads, the first being an especially good torch song, and contains three good dance tunes ("Ain't No Mountain," "Let's Go Another Round," "Let's Get This Thing Together," with the latter being a previously unreleased bonus track.) While I never thought that this version of the Ashford and Simpson classic "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" was a definitive one, it and the other tracks grow more memorable with repeated listening. As an album, the whole holds together well and is more than a home to a good extended track padded with filler material. It is one of the better disco era long plays. - disco75 for amazon.com

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