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Jacques Callot (c. 1592 - 1635)

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Varie Figuri Gobbi (‘Various Hunchbacked Figures’) - Jacques Callot
image sourced here. [Mar 2005]


Jacques Callot (c. 1592 - 1635) was a French baroque graphics artist, draftsman and printmaker.

He was born in Nancy, Lorraine. He died in Nancy.

He was the author of etchings of times great chronicle of societal perceptions of soldiers, clowns, drunkards, wanderers, beggars, various outcasts, often contrasted with spectacular landscapes.

See, for instance, "The Temptations of St. Anthony". His seamless transitions in shading and use of different tones were seminal to etchings and prints; only Albrecht Dürer was his equal. His work was a record of the times; compare "The Fair at Gondreville (1624) with "The Battle of Avigliana" --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Callot [Mar 2005]

Saint Anthony by Callot

Temptation of Saint Anthony (1630) Jacques Callot

Temptation of Saint Anthony (1630) Jacques Callot
Image sourced here.

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