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Jacques Sternberg

science fiction - France - anthology

Les chefs-d'oeuvre de l'épouvante


Jacques Sternberg (Belgium, April 17, 1923 - ) Sternberg was born in 1923 into a well to do Russian Jewish family. He was a poor student in school, particularly struggling in French. He began writing around the age of fifteen or sixteen. His early writings tended toward the fantastic and burlesque, and it was only somewhat later that he began writing science fiction. After school he worked as a parker in a cardboard factory, before moving to Paris with the hope of becoming a publishing writer. The literary climate of 1950's Paris was dominated by the surrealist movement, and Sternberg found little success in such a environment. Sternberg never identfied with either his Jewish or Belgian heritage prefering to think of himself as simply "mortal." In his writings Sternberg never wrote of either the rich or the poor, but only of the employee, which represented the only world which he knew and could imagine.(source: Lamediatheque.be) --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Sternberg [Jan 2006]

Les chefs-d'oeuvre de l'épouvante

Volume composé par :   Jacques STERNBERG, Alex GRALL et Jacques BERGIER
Édition :   Planète (1965)
Remarque : Sommaire et couverture aimablement fournies par Julien RAYMOND
Table des matières : --http://www.noosfere.com/heberg/Le_ParaDick/anthologies3.html [Feb 2005]

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