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Jan Saudek

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Jan Saudek (b. 13 May 1935, in Prague, Czechoslovakia). Art photographer.

His work is noted for its hand-tinted portrayal of painterly dream worlds, often inhabited by nude or semi nude figures, surrounded by bare plaster walls or painted backdrops. In this they echo the studio and tableaux work of nineteenth century erotic photographers and the work of Bernard Faucon. His early art photography is noted for its evocation of childhood. His work was the subject of attempts at censorship in the West during the 1990s.

Saudek currently lives and works in Prague. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Saudek [Jan 2006]


  1. Realities () - Jan Saudek [Amazon US]
    Drawing on classical paintings, historical portraiture, and 19th-century pornographic studio photographs, the erotic images of Jan Saudek reveal a world of fantasy where artistic play and expression are given free range. Using elaborate backdrops and magical costumes, Saudek is both voyeur and participant, photographer and model, shifting back and forth in a style that lends the term autoportraiture new meaning. These 146 color photographs, featuring new and previously unpublished images with Saudek's commentaries, are as much about the artist as about the characters he creates. As Saudek states, "I donít have the capacity to portray other peopleís lives. I am portraying my own." "Spending time with Saudekís images is an unsettling experience, a roller-coaster ride of attraction and repulsion, confirmation and confrontation." ó The Spectator for amazon.com

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