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History of Japanese SM

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S&M art has taken many forms in Japan and this relates directly to the history of Japan. One established genre of S&M is what is known as the Joshu or female prisoners stuff. When we say "female prisoners" or "Joshu" stuff, we generally refer to those picture of torture from the period between the battle of Onin (1467) throughout Sengoku and Edo periodes to Meiji. Sengoku period is noted for it's cruel methods of torture, fire, knife (to cut of parts of the body), tattoo, rocks, boiling water, divining blocks and rocking horses, and so on and so on. The most brutal forms of execution and torture were employed during this period of hell on earth.

The methods of torture and execution used against the christians were most barbaric.It should be noted, however, that there is nothing uncommon about brutal religous prosecutions throughout history. Elsewhere the believers of 'wrong' religions have been treated separately from the rest of the population. Christians in Japan had their ears, fingers and noses chopped off, which were originally punishments for those committed the crime of treachery and deceit. --http://www.bondageproject.com/public/history_e1.htm

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