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Jazzanova is a German Berlin-based DJ/producer collective consisting of Alexander Barck, Claas Brieler, Jürgen von Knoblauch, Roskow Kretschmann, Stefan Leisering, and Axel Reinemer. The group is one of the foremost proponents of the nu-jazz and jazz house styles of music associated with record labels such as Compost Records and Sonar Kollektiv.

They also have a side-project, "Extended Spirit". They also gained recognition as innovative remixers for a vast number of acts such as Marschmellows, Ian Pooley, Incognito, 4 Hero, M J Cole and Masters at Work to name but a few. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jazzanova [Mar 2005]

Nu Jazz

Nu-jazz (sometimes electro-jazz) was coined in the late 1990s to refer to styles which combine jazz textures and sometimes jazz instrumentation with electronic music. Like the term electronica, nu jazz is a loosely defined umbrella musical style. It ranges from the infusion of live instrumentation to house beats of jazz house exemplified by French St Germain and German Jazzanova; to more band-based improvised jazz with electronic elements such as that of the British Cinematic Orchestra, and the Norwegian future jazz style pioneered by Bugge Wesseltoft.

Nu-jazz typically ventures farther into the electronic territory than does its close cousin, acid jazz (or groove jazz), which is generally closer to earthier funk, soul and rhythm and blues, although releases from noted groove jazz artists such as the Groove Collective blur the distinction between the styles. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nu_jazz [2004]

Broken beats [...]

Brokenbeat is an electronic music genre first appearing around the change of the second millennium. Appearing in the western parts of London, the genre is also referred to as West London.

Artists in this area mostly have a drum and bass, house, hip hop or techno background. As a result in a mixture from all of these, brokenbeat is more sophisticated than regular dance music, on the scale of jazz, soul or funk. Popular names are Bugz in the Attic, Seiji, Domu, Afronaught, Stephane and Alex Attias, 4 Hero and Jazzanova. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brokenbeat [Mar 2005]

Gilles Peterson [...]

Berlin, Germany, Europe

Jazzanova are a Berlin-based producer collective, consisting of the Jazzanova DJ-team (Jürgen von Knoblauch Stephan, Alexander Barck, Claas Brieler), Extended Spirit (Axel Reinemer & Stefan Leisering) and Kosma (Rosko Kretschmann). They are heavily into deep jazz and modern beats, which leads their music to a stunning fusion of retro and new sounds. [...]

Their Sound

They create an individual melodic and percussion-orientated style, echoing house, d&b, triphop, brazil, latin, funk and boogie.The aim for their productions and the DJ sets is, while oscillating between the different styles, to get the audience involved into the whole musical spectrum of that fusion.

Jürgen Von Knoblauch Top Ten

Jürgen Von Knoblauch - Jazzanova -Topp 10 Feb 99(No particular order)
  1. Incognito "Fearless" (Talkin´ Loud)
  2. Universal "Groove Therapy" (Photek Mix) (Amplitude Recordings)
  3. Crazy Bold Headz "First Born" (Champagne Breakfast Mix) (On a tick)
  4. Yasushi Ide "A Certain Peace" (Joe Claussell/Rainer Trüby Trio Mixes) (Dirty Harry)
  5. Liquit Bisquit "Sound Orgy" (People)
  6. Indian Ocean "School Bell" (Sleeping Bag)
  7. Inner Zone Orchestra "People makes the world go round" (White)
  8. Nitin Sawhney "?" (Rainer Trüby Trio Mix) (Slate)
  9. Extended Spirit "Illicity pt.2" (Slate)
  10. Duveous "Cinematics" (Wax Poetics)


  1. Remixed (2003) - Jazzanova [Amazon US]
    Jazzanova get made-over, reinterpreted, and redesigned on "Remixed," two CDs of remixes that make up an excellent collection of progressive, rhythm-heavy jazz and gritty electronica. Disc One is the more accessible of the two, featuring cuts that swing from nu soul, jazz, and broad strokes of hip hop. A groovy mid-tempo beat highlights Viktir Duplaix's version of "That Night;" Beanfield sets a mellowed-out groove to the chilled "No Use," and "Coffee Talk" gets some nice percussion through a remix by Yukihiro Fukotomi. But you get your real money's worth on the second disc, where it gets more underground and soulful. More percussion and a subtle Brazilian flavor highlight "Femdies Flight" by Kyoto Jazz Massive, while Jazzy Jeff gives a somewhat retro 80s soulful groove in "Soon." Of course, this remix CD wouldn't be complete without ONE disco jam, which brings us to the house-injected "That Night" by Wahoo. "Remixed" is for the mature listener who wants a CD that serves a dual purpose as an album to groove to, but also mellow enough for those impromptu get-togethers. I also recommend that you grab Jazzanova's previous double-disc "The Remixes 1997-2000" which is just as good as this. --Addicted to the Groove, amazon.com
    Very cool Studio K7/Compost 2 CD down tempo collection featuring remixes they did for the likes of, 4-Hero, Incognito, United Future Organization, Soul Bossa Trio, Ian Pooley and many more. This 2000 Jazzanova / Compost release comes in a double tri-fold digipak.

  2. In Between - Jazzanova [Amazon.com]
    Berlin's Jazzanova are world-champion programmers, turning extreme technical skills into astonishing electro funk Muzak. Why it takes six grown men to make this music is a mystery, but in classic German style, the results are sleek, efficient, and intelligent. With tripped-up funk beats as their base, Jazzanova adorn detailed, shifting arrangements on In Between with various vocalists (Ursula Rucker, Capitol A) to intimate styles as diverse as Sergio Mendes's Brazilian sophistication, nu-electro, breakbeat hip-hop, and retro jazz fusion. Jazzanova's attempt at smooth soul music falls flat, but by and large, their fertile songs and staggering studio skills make In Between a landmark of the nu-jazz genre (along with recent albums by Koop and Cinematic Orchestra). Highlights include the Daft Punk-meets-Earth, Wind & Fire collision of "Mwela, Mwela"; the simmering street funk of "Another New Day"; and the oozing synthesizer color-forms of "Soon." Sampling and spinning nu-jazz dreams for dancers and listeners alike, Jazzanova educate while they entertain. --Ken Micallef

The Remixes 1997-2000 (2000) - Jazzanova

The Remixes 1997-2000 (2000) - Jazzanova [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Track Listings Disc: 1 1. We Who Are Not as Others [Jazzanova Mix] - 4hero 2. Soulpower [Jazzanova's Straight Dub Mix] - Marschmellows 3. Watch Them Come!!! [Jazzanova Mix] - Men From The Nile 4. Carajillo [Jazzanova's Chant for Leo Mix] - Trüby Trio 5. Get into My Groove [Jazzanova Re-Groove Mix] - Incognito 6. High Priestess [Jazzanova Mix] - Karma 7. Welcome to the Party [Jazzanova Mix] - The Har-You Percussion Group 8. Friends...We'll Be [Jazzanova Mix] - United Future Organization 9. Amazon Adventure [Jazzanova Mix] - Azymuth 10. Words of Love [Re-Loved by Jazzanova] - Soul Bossa Trio

Disc: 2 1. Fifths [Jazzanova 6 Sickth Mix] 2. Circe [Jazzanova Mix] - Ursula Rucker 3. Absolute Space [Jazzanova Mix] - Koop 4. Complete Life [Jazzanova Mix] - Liquid Lounge Vs. Jazzanova 5. What's Your Number [Jazzanova Renumber] - Ian Pooley 6. Metti Una Sera a Cena [Jazzanova Mix] - Balanco 7. Burnin' [Jazzanova Mix] - Tate's Place 8. Planet of Breaks [Jazzanova Mix] - Visit Venus 9. Toda Tersafeira [Jazzanova Rework] - Soul Quality Quartet 10. Sincere [Jazzanova Sincerely Yours Remix] - Nova Casper

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