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Jeanloup Sieff (1933 - 2000)

Lifespan: 1933 - 2000

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Jeanloup Sieff: 40 Years of Photography (1996) - Jeanloup Sieff
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Jeanloup Sieff 1933 - 2000 was a practitioner of the photographic art of high fashion, and avowed a fidelity to the frivolous and superficial. His legacy places him in the top rank of fashion and art photographers. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanloup_Sieff [2004]

Corset photograph

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Shot in New York. 'It was the beautiful Anka, with her desperately tiny waist, who posed in this 1900 corset. In spite of her slim figure, she found it difficult to breathe,' Jeanloup Sieff. Reproduced in 'Jeanloup Sieff: 40 years of Photography', Evergreen (1996) page 131.

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