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Jesse Saunders (1962 - )

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On & On (1984) - Jesse Sauders

Based on Laid Back's 'White Horse' --http://www.discogs.com/release/176575


From the book Last Night a DJ Saved My Life:

House was disco made by amateurs. It was disco's essence - its rythms, its basslines, its spirit - recreated on machines that were as close to toys as they were to musical instruments, by kids who were more clubbers than they were musicians. The DJ, aiming to preserve a music which had been declared dead, had created another from its ashes. And in Chicago this new music even shared the name of its forebear, because remember, the disco that Ron and Frankie played was called 'house' even before house was.

1984: Jesse Saunders was a chancer, wanted to gain recognition in order to get grils, was a big Chicago DJ, and had a friend, Vince Lawrence, whose father owned a local record label and who egged him into making a record. Under his own name, Jesse created 'On and On, a rhythm so basic that everyone knew ithad been made by someone in Chicago; so basic that everyone with a drum machine and a four-track recorder felt sure they could do better.

Profile by DJ Dennis

A lot of people are always fussing about the history of house music. Not everyone was lucky enough to be one of those gifted few who were rockin' the turntables back in the late 70's and very early 80's. On a personal mission, I was lucky enough to actually track down one of the individuals who was there at some of the most pivotal moments in music history. An individual whom, to this day, still preaches and promotes his love and dedication to a music that has turned the hearts, minds, and souls of millions upon millions of people to letting themselves go... TO DANCE!

Jesse Saunders, born March 10, 1962 in the home of "House Music," Chicago, Illinois, USA. Imagine if you can, a boy who is born with an inner mission. A mission to find out to how to express his deepest, and most heart felt emotions. With the support and teachings of his mother, Jesse was welcomed into the world of music, and was introduced to a realm where he could let all it all out. He learned about every instrument he could get his hands on. He grasped each musical concept quickly and transferred each skill to the next instrument. He learned how to write, read, think, and believe in Music.

With years of musical background, a sixteen year old Jesse Saunders is introduced to the Night Club experience, seeing a DJ interacting and leading his dance floor with his records. Realizing that all these people were following one groove, one rhythm, solely created by the DJ, Jesse took it upon himself to learn a new instrument - the turntable!

Mastering the art of mixing and turntablism would be an ongoing experience for Jesse for the rest of his life. Not only did Jesse learn how to mix, but then moved on into the studio, creating the music that he would play at all the DJ gigs he would end up getting. Him and many others in that early era of the 80's would come together to create a certain sound that Jesse would start a movement with the likes of one record. The first HOUSE record - On & On by Jesse Saunders, would be the record to start such a change, and feeling in the music industry to come.

Jesse Saunders, now a DJ for 21 years, and a producer for 15 years, has taken the time to put down in black in white the history of House Music in his new book, "House Music... The Real Story" With the new release of his book, re-release of all the original songs from the Pioneers of House Music, and a new tour being planned, I thought I would delve a little into his life and share some info about one of our beloved House Music creators.

DJ Dennis, March 1999, dj20202020@yahoo.com

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