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Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)

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Brahms never wrote an opera, nor did he ever write in the characteristic late-19th century form of the tone poem, strongly preferring to compose absolute music that does not refer to an explicit scene or narrative. [Jul 2006]

Johannes Brahms


Johannes Brahms (May 7, 1833 – April 3, 1897) was a German composer of classical music. Brahms was considered by many to be the "successor" to Beethoven, and his first symphony was described by Hans von Bülow as "Beethoven's tenth symphony" (the nickname is still used). --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Brahms [Jan 2005]

On the snootiness of classical music

As if classical music in general didn't have a snooty enough reputation, there is one branch of classical music that boasts supreme snob appeal: chamber music.

It actually isn't hard for timid souls to penetrate the circle of connoisseurs who value chamber works as music's most refined form of expression. Forget chamber music's country club image and just sit down, pay attention and enjoy it.

Perhaps the best way to get started is with the music of Johannes Brahms. -- James Reel via http://www.azstarnet.com/public/packages/reelbook/153-3996.htm

Mr. Hire (1989) - Patrice Leconte

  • Mr. Hire (1989) - Patrice Leconte [Amazon.com]
    Monsieur Hire, directed by Patrice Leconte, is a flawless film, winning the French Film Critics' Award for Best Feature of 1990. The story, music, acting are all superb; yet the performance and very presence of Michel Leblanc on the screen are quite extraordinary. This film introduced me to the music of Johannes Brahms

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