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John Platt

Swinging London in the sixties

The following are article I've scanned in from a copy of The History of Rock (Issue 66) published in 1983. It is written by John Platt.

The story of the clubs and musical events associated with the underground scene in London is, in many ways, the evolution of the underground itself - the two are inextricably bound up with each other. By common agreement, the first public manifestation of the phenomenon was the International Poetry Festival at the Albert Hall in June 1965, which brought together poets from the English alternative arts scene, like Pete Brown, and Americans such as Allen Ginsberg. The audience that day was full of strangely clad figures, bedecked with flowers and carrying joss-sticks - hippies were making their first public appearance in the UK, [...] --John Platt, http://www.nicke.abelgratis.com/uk_sixties.html

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