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Johnny Dynell

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Johnny Dynell (born John Savas) is a legendary New York City DJ and impresario who has been practicing his art and craft for over two decades. A favorite of New York's downtown art and fashion crowds Dynell started his DJ career at the seminal Mudd Club in 1980 and has worked at almost every major New York nightclub since including Danceteria, The Pyramid Club, Club 57, Area, Boybar, The Tunnel, Twilo, Vinyl, The Roxy, The Limelight, The Palladium, Nell's, Susanne Bartsch's Copacabana, Crobar and scores of other New York clubs, lounges and venues. He has also appeared in dozens of cities nationwide and worldwide.

In 1990 Dynell, along with his wife writer Chi Chi Valenti, fashion designer Kitty Boots, dancer/choreographer Richard Move and actor Brian Butterick AKA Hattie Hathaway, founded the performance club Jackie 60. Located in New York's Meat Market, Jackie 60 was for ten years a center of New York art performance.

As a recording artist Dynell has been on Atlantic Records, Arista Records, Epic Records, Tribal Records, and as a song writer has collaborated with Malcolm McLaren and Pink Martini. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Dynell [Jul 2006]


Johnny Dynell is the legendary New York City DJ and impressario who has been practicing his art and craft for two decades. His DJ style is infectious and inclusive, and he is a long-time favorite of New York's art and fashion crowds. He is equally at home at a black tie gala or the most underground nightclub, and brings to both an impressive knowledge of musical genres as diverse as Chicago House and French New Wave. His soundtrack for 450 weekly themes at the decade-long JACKIE 60 has also yielded a huge collection of themed music. Dynell has been an enthusiastic participant in thousands of enchanted evenings both at home and abroad over the years. See a sampling below.
CLUB DJ Jackie 60, The Mudd Club, Danceteria, The Pyramid Club, Club 57, Area, Boybar, The Tunnel, Twilo, Vinyl, Moomba, The Roxy, The Limelight, The Palladium, Sound Factory, MK, The Building, Nell's, Susanne Bartsch's Copacabana, Red Zone, Life, Grey Gardens, Mother, Daddy, The Slipper Room and hundreds of other New York clubs.
Gomma (UK), 2001
Another great 80's post-punk dance reissue! It seems that Joey Negro and Andrew Weatherall's compilations from last year have gone a long way towards reviving an interest in some of the leftfield tracks that were being played out by some of the more adventurous DJs at the time. This one focuses on stuff that got a fair bit of play at the Mudd Club in NY, and that wasn't out of place at the Danceteria or the original Limelight either. And while some of the other compilations have stirred up nostalgic moments here in the Dusty Groove offices, Munk & Bar at Gomma records have done a great job digging up some lesser known, but still amazing nuggets! Tracks include "Girl's Imagination" by The Del/Byzanteens, "Exterior St." by Death Comet Crew with Rammellzee (original and Protein remix), "If I Gave You A Party" by Sexual Harrassment (original and Syrup remix), "Drum Mode" by Gray -- which features Jean-Michel Basquiat (original and Paul Mogg remix), "Love Attack" by Konk, "N.C.R." by Ike Yard (original and Funkstorung remix), and "Laundrette" by Vivien Goldman (original and Munk remix).

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