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Pulp and Pin-Up Art () - Jolena Tracy

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"Beautifully done," she said, bending over to tie her shirt. Her legs endlessly cascade with thigh high fishnet stockings. This is the image of a typical 1950s pin-up girl. This image of a sex icon has been used throughout history to represent the "ideal feminine archetype." the woman's body is a classic rendering behind artists from the 1500s such as Giorgione, through the 1920s with classic Pin-up and Pulp illustrators such as Petty and Vargas, along with today's artists such as Mel Ramos and Hajime Soreyama. Though different in their styles, each artist became fascinated with the female body, realizing that people were willing to buy into the beauty myth. --http://www.csuchico.edu/art/contrapposto/contrapposto98/pages/%20essays/tracy.html

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