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Joyce Silveira Palhano de Jesus, commonly known as Joyce, is a Brazilian singer/songwriter, as well as an accomplished guitarist and arranger. She was born in Rio de Janeiro on January 31, 1948.

Joyce premiered in the late 60's, and since then has recorded over 20 solo albums, and appeared in a myriad of records with such artists as Elis Regina, Toninho Horta, Vinicius de Moraes, and Yoko Kanno. In recent years she has collaborated extensively with Jo„o Donato. Much of Joyce's work has been compared to the early boom of the jazz fusion scene in the U.S.

She got her start in music by listening to her brother play the guitar, as well as listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis and Billie Holiday for inspiration on emotions conveyed in music. Many people came into Joyce's house, and she easily got swept up in the music scene, having had in her childhood great encouragement in music.

Joyce refers to her music as "MCB" (Creative Music of Brazil), rather than MPB. She has recorded many movie and TV soundtracks, and is creator and host of the music-infused television program "Cantos do Rio".

She has also written a book, Fotografei VocÍ na Minha Rolleyflex, chronicling the bossa nova and MPB movements.

Joyce is married to drummer Tutty Moreno, who plays in her band. Two of her daughters (Clara Moreno and Ana Martins) are also singers. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joyce_(singer) [Aug 2006]

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  • Joyce - The Essential Joyce 1970-1996 [Amazon.com]
    Guitarist/vocalist Joyce came up through the ranks in the late '60s, and toured with bossa nova legend Vinicius de Moraes during the mid-'70s. Her own albums consistently nudged MPB in the direction of the booming U.S. jazz fusion scene, and helped expand the Brazilian jazz vocabulary. Although a lot of her work is pretty cheesy, I'm quite a fan.

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