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Avant-garde films in Marseilles at the Alhambra Theater

1. June 16 to June 23, 2005 precise dates yet to be established.

Projection of avant-garde films in Marseilles at the Alhambra Theater. The series will include experimental films by Jerome Hill, by filmmakers whose work he helped sponsor and for whom he had a particularly high regard (Mekas, Kubelka, Brakhage, Broughton), and by filmmakers and video artists who have been supported with grants from the Jerome and Camargo Foundations (for example, Camargo Fellows Barbara Hammer and Leighton Pierce).

Howtan [...]

Howtan was born in Teheran in 1974. Spending his childhood and youth in the USA, now Howtan still lives in this country. This artist spends a lot of time in Italy. His first exhibition took place in Contrarte Gallery in Rome.

Together with the UNO, in June 2005, in Monaco, the exhibition with the works of Howtan will be opened, which major theme will be the problem of hunger in the world. --http://www.stellaartgallery.com/eng/future/ [Sept 2004]

Venice Biennale (June to November 2005) [...]

Sonar Festival (16-18 Jun 2005) [...]

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