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Kenny Larkin

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Narcissist (2004) - Kenny Larkin [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]


With the deluge of techno artists from all over the world making headlines, it's easy (although very wrong) to forget that techno was created in Detroit, Michigan by African-American visionaries like Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May. From tha Kenny Larkin began his music career in 1990 after serving two years in the U.S. Air Force, where he was repairing computers. Hanging out at local Detroit clubs like The Music Institute and The Shelter, he soon hooked up with Richie Hawtin and John Acquavi records under a variety of monikers, including Dark Comedy, Pod and Yennek. His first full-length album Azimuth, released in 1994, established Kenny as one of the major forces in contemporary dance music. Last year's follow-up Metaphor once aga in proved convincingly that, unlike anybody else, Larkin kicks up some real soul in his All in all, Metaphor is a high class Detroit package marked by variety and rhythmic enchantment; it's melodic, emotive and, like so much great U.S. techno, almost j azz-like in places. "This is electronic soul music, full of human feeling and warmth", wrot At times very minimal and ambient, other times well informed by house, Kenny's warm dance beats hit in just the right places at just the right time. "A lot of s tyles of music come out in my moods: jazz, house, techno... it depends on how I'm feeling", Ken January 1996 KENNY LARKIN DISCOGRAPHY Kenny Larkin - We Shall Overcome (Plus 8, 1990) Kenny Larkin - Integration EP (Plus 8, 1991) Yennek - Serena X EP (Buzz, 1 992) Dark Comedy - War Of The Worlds (Art Of Dance, 1992) Pod - Vanguard EP (Buzz, 1993) Kenny Larkin - Azimuth (Warp, 1994) Kenny Larkin - Maritime on Artificial Intelligence II (Warp, 1994) Kenny Larkin - Catatonic (R & S, 1994) Kenny Larkin - Metaphor (R & S, 1995) Kenny Larkin - Loop 2 (R & S, 1996) 5/3/96 . © 1996 R & S Records . [May 2004]

Narcissist (2004) - Kenny Larkin

1. Fake French (Epic Mix) 2. My Reflection 3. Mono e Mono 4. One Moment Please 5. Fake French (Merci Detroit Mix) 6. Fortune Teller 7. A Part Of Me 8. Jazz To The Future 9. Breathe 10. Nightfall 11. In The Meantime

Former U.S. Air Force serviceman & stand up comedian Kenny Larkin is one of the chief innovators of Detroit’s so called "second wave" of techno producers. He began his music career in 1990 after hanging out at local Detroit clubs like The Music Institute and The Shelter, he soon hooked up with Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva, and started to record for their Plus 8 label, releasing the early classic "We Shall Overcome."

The Narcissist is Kenny’s debut for Peacefrog, and his first album in well over 6 years. It contains 11 tracks of some of the most soulful, melodic, & emotive music you’ll ever hear, with every track a future classic; from the breathtakingly warm & romantic "My Reflection", and the heart stopping Carl Craigesque Detroit sounds cape "Mono e Mono", to the eloquent freestyle jazz meanderings of "A Part Of Me" and "Nitefall". This is some of the finest electronic soul music, packed full of human feeling and warmth.--amazon.com

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