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Kenton Nix

West End Records

  • Kenton Nix produced primarily for West End records, where he worked on most of Taana Gardner's twelve inch recordings and LPs.

    Funky Sensation

  • Kenton Nix also was a producer on Sound of NYC Records and Atlantic records On Atlantic he did Gwen McCrae's Funky Sensation. Jazzy Sensation on Tommy Boy records is a remake of Gwen's Funky Sensation

    Taana Gardner

    Feel The Heartbeat by The Treacherous Three on Enjoy records is a remake of Taana Gardner's Heartbeat.

    Selected Tracks

  • Chillin' Out by Inez Brooks on West End
  • WES 22116 West End Taana Gardner Work That Body (1979)
  • WES 22122 West End Taana Gardner When You Touch Me (1979)
  • WES 22132 West End Taana Gardner Heartbeat (1981) Mixes by Larry Levan and Kenton Nix !
  • WES 22130//Kenix (Bobby Young)/There's Never Been/1979/Usa
  • ??????? West End Taana Gardner No Frills 12"
  • Atlantic DMD 286 Gwen McCrae Funky Sensation 1981
  • JAZZY SENSATION (Short 12" Bronx Version) - Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5 (5:38) with additional production by Shep Pettibone
  • FEEL THE HEARTBEAT - The Treacherous Three (5:36) Enjoy 12" single #6013 (1981)

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