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Kevin Saunderson (1964 - )

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Kevin Saunderson was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 9, 1964. At the age of nine he moved to Detroit, where he attended Belleville High School and befriended two students, Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Kevin Saunderson is today together with Juan Atkins and Derrick May, considered to be one of the originators of Techno, specifically Detroit techno.

Kevin Saunderson started his career as a disk jockey, and developed new skills that led him into producing records, which he released on his own label KMS Records. Kevin Saunderson has released his music using many names and "Tronik House", "Reese Project", "Essaray" and "E-Dancer", are some of them. His most commercially recognized project to date, has been Inner City with vocalist Paris Grey. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Saunderson [Jun 2005]


Kevin was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1964, but moved at the age of nine to the place known as the 'Motor City', Detroit. He attended Belleville High School (West of Detroit), where his youthful urge to make music had been fuelled, when he befriended two other like-minded students. After leaving school he attended Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, where he played Football. After 2 years, Kevin quit playing football in order to pursue a musical direction, so he joined his high school pals Derrick May and Juan Atkins, which unknown at the time would be the move that would help Kevin's career escalate.

Old school

  • Kevin Saunderson - The Groove That Won't Stop (1988)
  • Reese - Just Another Chance (1987)
  • Inner City - Big Fun (1988)

    KMS records

    KMS007 Kreem - Triangle Of Love
    KMS008 Intercity - Groovin' Without A Doubt
    KMS009 Kreem - Triangle of Love (Remix)
    KMS010 Reese & Santonio - The Sound
    KMS011 Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play
    KMS012 Reese & Santonio - Bounce Your Body To The Box
    KMS013 Kevin Saunderson - The Groove That Won't Stop
    KMS014 Reese & Santonio - The Sound (Remix)
    KMS015 Inner City - Big Fun
    KMS016 24-7-365 - Sample That!
    KMS017 Reese & Santonio - Truth of Self Evidence
    KMS018 various - Techno 1 (LP)
    KMS019 Today's People - Set Your Body Free
    KMS020 D-Bros - In Full Effect
    KMS021 Kaos - Definition of Love
    KMS022 Reese - Rock To The Beat
    KMS023 EMB - Dear John
    KMS024 Reese - You're Mine
    KMS024B Reese - You're Mine (remix)
    KMS025 Kaos - Definition of Love (remix)
    KMS026 MK - Somebody New
    KMS027 Symbols & Instruments - Mood
    KMS028 Area 10 - Love Taken Over Me
    KMS029 Nexus 21 - (Still) Life Keeps Moving
    KMS030 C & M Connection - Another Night
    KMS031 II The Hard Way - It's Dangerous
    KMS032 Tronik House - Mental Techno / Up Tempo
    KMS033 E-Dancer - Pump The Move / Grab The Beat
    KMS034 Deep Trip - The Spirit Trip
    KMS035 Chez Damier - Can You Feel It
    KMS036 Tronik House - Spark Plug
    KMS037 Karen Joy - Talk To Me
    KMS038 Manix - Feel Real Good/Special Request
    KMS039 Ontoni - Badd Minded
    KMS040 Terrorize - It's Just A Feeling
    KMS041 Blame - Music Takes Two
    KMS042 Que Sera Sera - You Don't Know
    KMS043 Fix - Flash/Dope Computer
    KMS044 Lee Andre - I Can Make You / Don't Hold Back
    KMS045 Tronik House - Straight Outta Hell
    KMS046 various - Journey Through The Hardcore
    KMS047 Schematics - Shock Therapy
    KMS048 Chez Damier - I Never Knew Love
    KMS049 Chez Damier
    KMS050 Kreem - Now Is The Time
    KMS051 Chez 'N Trent - The Choice
    KMS052 Esser'Ay - Forces
    KMS053 Sonya Blade - House Of Love
    KMS054 Ron & Chez D - Don't Try
    KMS055 Members of the House - Party Of The Year
    KMS056 Infiltrate - Come'On
    KMS057 Darlene Lewis - Let The Music Lift You
    KMS058 Miller/Scott Project - It's Gonna Be Alright
    KMS060 Dionne - Images
    KMS061 E-Dancer - Velocity Funk / World Of Deep
    KMS062 E-Dancer - Heavenly / THe Human Bond (12")
    KMS063 Inner City - Buena Vista (Tommy Onyx Summer Fiesta Remix) (one sided 12")
    KMS064 E-Dancer - Velocity Funk (stacey pullen remix) / The Move (12")
    KMS066 Paris Grey - Smile / Buena Vida (12")
    KMS067 The Closer - Sound Is The Device EP (12")
    KMS068 H Brunner - Senses (12")
    KMS069 The Bottom Feeders - Kaiser Blade / Fun Control (12")
    KMS070 Gary Martin - Cosa Caugat (12")
    KMS071 H. Brunner - Senses
    KMS072 Inner City vs E-Dancer - Pump It Up Dub
    KMS073 Inner City vs E-Dancer / Reese / Anthony Shakir - Pump It Up Dub (remix) (12")
    KMS076 Inner City - Good Love (remixes) (12")
    KMS077 Gary Martin - Casa Cagat (2001 remix) (12")
    KMS078 Inner City - Big Fun (remixes) (12")
    KMS079 E-Dancer - The Dream (12")
    KMS082 D Wynn & The R-tyme Production - Love In Music (12")


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  • http://www.kmsproductions.com/ Official website
  • http://www.selekta.com/profiles/saundersonbio.asp Bio


  • Kevin Saunderson - Faces & Phases [1CD, Amazon US]
    1. Bassline 2. Savage and Beyond - Tronik House 3. Pump the Move 4. Forcefield - Reese 5. Uptempo - Tronik House 6. Funk, Funk, Funk 7. How to Play Our Music 8. Groove That Won't Stop - Kevin Saunderson 9. Bounce Your Body to the Box 10. Truth of Self Evidence - Reese 11. Triangle of Love - Kevin Saunderson Disc: 2 1. Rock to the Beat 2. Feel the Mood 3. Groovin Without a Doubt 4. Let's, Let's, Let's Dance 5. Sound - Reese 6. Just Another Chance 7. Human Bond 8. Smooth Groove - Tronik House 9. Ahnongay - Inner City 10. Straight Outta Hell - Tronik House 11. Velocity Funk

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