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Kirk Degiorgio

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Kirk Degiorgio, better known as As One, is a British techno producer and DJ. Born in the late 60s in Stepney, East London, and raised in Suffolk, he started producing music in the early 90s. He founded the labels A.R.T. Records and Op-Art Records and releases on them as well as B12 Records, R&S Records, New Electronica, and others. His style is a mixture of Detroit-style techno, mixed with funk, soul and jazz fusion. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirk_Degiorgio [Mar 2006]

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Disco [...]

Disco was more a 12 inch single culture and only the more serious producers put their talents to album projects. Most Disco albums tend to have a shortened version of a hit single and then 4 or 5 sub-standard fillers. (refering to the Dazzle album)

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