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Henry Kistemaeckers (1851 - 1934)

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Henry Kistemaeckers (1851 - 1934) was a Belgian publisher based in Brussels. He published works by de Maupassant.

his work in publishing was explicitly political

Quotes from Rachilde and French Women's Authorship: From Decadence to Modernism (2002) - Melanie Hawthorne

... , Kistemaeckers considered himself a socialist and a supporter of the Communards, and his work in publishing was explicitly political: not only was he ...

Kistemaeckers proved good at recruiting literary talent but poor at retaining it. Thus, he published the works of Camille Lemonnier but broke with him after ...

Kistemaeckers attributed his problems to the settling of old political scores, specifically, politically motivated reprisals against the former ...

A vau-l'eau, by Huysmans

In 1882, when Maupassant went to him, Kistemaeckers also issued A vau-l'eau, by Huysmans,

Grandeur et misères d'un éditeur belge; Henry Kistemaeckers (1851-1934) (1986) - Colette Baudet

A biography by Colette Baudet

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