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Lee Perry as Kung Fu Man

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Kung Fu Meets the Dragon is an album by The Upsetters, released in 1975.

Some of Lee Perry's dub experiments

Some of Lee Perry's dub experiments in the mid-1970s was heavily influenced by the kung fu movie genre, and mainly by the films of the master, Bruce Lee. With albums such as 'Kung Fu Meets The Dragon', which features song after song of kung fu movie inspired songs and titles. Just the music alone is like you're inside of a Bruce Lee movie, battling Kareem Abdul-Jabar (a la 'Game of Death'), with gong crashes, Chinese musical scales, and all of the sound effects that are integral to any good kung fu flick.

Song titles like 'Enter The Dragon' come straight from the title of one of Bruce Lee's best movies ever, and once again in these movies, good always conquers evil. The influence of kung fu on Lee Perry is also evidenced in many photographs taken of him, where Scratch has a flying leg in the air, modeled after scenes in these films. The same moves can be seen at any Lee Perry concert. -- Good Always Conquers Evil: The Musical Genius of Lee Perry by Daniel & Seth Nelson, http://www.furious.com/perfect/leeperry/leeperry2.html [Jun 2004]

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