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Let No Man Put Asunder

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Sleeve artwork by Richard Bernstein

From First Choice's 1977 album "Delusions", remixed in 1983 by Shep Pettibone


Artist: First Choice

Title: Let No Man Put Asunder

Label: Salsoul 12" SG397 1983

Produced By Harris Young Productions

How many of you recall those good old days when the Trammps reigned supreme in the disco? This is a classic First Choice record from the era when lush productions, strings and horns were prevalent. This record featured two mixes--one by Shep Pettibone which many of you are already playing for its technical perfection, percussion break-downs and compliance with current styles of music. But I suggest you flip the record over and listen to the Frankie Knuckles mix wich is faithful to the original. It maintains the energy and vibrance which made the record special. True, the sound may seem a little muddy but the track was not meant to sound black and white. Digital recording techniques have made modern records clean, crisp and boring. This has magic--the kind that makes a dancefloor scream. I don't see any of that going on in just "too cool" New York today. Those of you who missed the old parties should really consider yourself deprived. Those who conveniently forgot their heritage should be ashamed of themselves.

'Jack Your Body'has the same bassline as 'Let No Man Put Asunder'
Steve Hurley is behind the track, which hit the top despite only having three words - the title. It wasn't a terribly original record but it summed up the mood of jack fever.

Review By: Jim Speciale, , Volume 6, Issue 10, May 28-June 10, 1983

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