Larry Patterson

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Larry Patterson

Larry Patterson used to run Zanzibar, the New Jersey club where Tony Humphries gained residency in 1982.

Larry also played at Better Days

Tee Scott on Larry Patterson: "... and Larry Patterson, who is a well-known deejay in New Jersey -they kind of took me under their wing and told me, Tee, you have an excellent reputation, but nobody knows what you look like! Because I was always so shy ..."

	Warner Broters 0-20515		Anthony and The Camp		How Many Lovers

			(Anthony Malloy , Henley Goddard , Earl Thomas)

			Produced by: Jellybean

			Released in : 1986

			A1. Vocal Version (7:40)

			A2. A capella (5:00)

			B1. Dub Version (5:29)

			B2. What I Like (Remix) (6:11)

			a -  Remixed by: Ken Carpenter , David Morales ,

			 Larry Patterson , Tee Scott

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