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Lasse Braun (1936 - )

Lifespan: 1936 -

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Sensations (1976) - Lasse Braun


Lasse Braun (born Alberto Ferrero in 1936 in Algiers, Algeria) is a Franco-Italian director, labelled as the "Legendary King of Modern Pornography", who produced films with the motto "Style in Pornography." He lost his virginity at age 8, with a 9-year-old Italian girl in the attic of his house.

He was the son of a diplomat, and attended law school. His doctoral dissertation, Judiciary Censorship in the Western World provoked controversy, and was promptly censored.

He was active in directing from 1961 to 1977, retiring on June 1977.

He is the father of director Axel Braun. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lasse_Braun [Dec 2004]

The king of Euroloops

The king of Euroloops was Lasse Braun, the pseudonym of an Italian named Albert Ferro. He produced films with diverse themes: a tropical series, shot in the Caribbean featuring black performers, a prostitution series about professional sex, an historical series devoted to the sexual adventures of Casanova, another series devoted to the sex life of the Vikings; and three top-secret episodes from the adventures of Sex-Agent X-69. Lasse focused on anal sex in Deep Arse.


In 1971, a major American distributor Reuben Sturman visited Alberto Ferro in Copenhagen and they produced peep-show machines - Super 8mm projectors closed in solid boxes - that Sturman distributed to virtually every state in the Union.

By enclosing coin-operated projectors in a small booth with a screen and a door that could be locked, Braun and Sturman gave their customers the chance to masturbate while viewing porn in private.

"The invention was an immediate success. Sturman put peep booths into all of his stores. He supplied the booths to other adult-bookstore owners, free of charge, in return for half of the receipts. He started a company to manufacture peep booths and another company to service them. The huge demand for sex films to show in these booths helped establish the nation's adult film industry. During the 1970s, the public exhibition of hard-core films, such as Deep Throat, attracted a great deal of attention in the media. But the annual revenues of the nation's peep booths were much larger - four times larger, by some estimates - than those of adult theaters." (Eric Schlosser in the 2/10/97 US NEWS)

[...] -- http://www.tranquileye.com/historyofporn/1966-74.html

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