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Leone Frollo

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Lucifera (1972 - 1980)
Leone Frollo jusqu'au n°15, puis Tito Marchiero
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Michaela Miti in Biancaneve & Co (1982) - Mario Bianchi
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Genere: Erotico
Status: ex rental Regia: Mario Bianchi
Cast: Michela Miti, Gianfranco D' Angelo
Paese di produzione: Italia
Anno: 1982
Durata: 93 minuti
Etichetta: Futurama
Audio: Italiano
Codifica: PAL
Colore: colore
Commento / Trama: Versione erotica della famosa favola. La Miti è sempre nudissima --http://kultvideo.org/scheda.asp?item=2286&type=VHS&key=3&hsa=

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Pour l'anecdote, la série Biancaneve aura eu tellement de succès en Italie qu'ils en firent un film en 1982, " Biancaneve & co [[IMDb]", avec l'actrice Michela Miti, et qui sortira en France sous le titre de " Blanche Neige et les 7 sadiques ". --http://poncetd.club.fr/images/couvertures/ContesMalicieux/Biancaneve.htm [Aug 2005]

Les 26 premières histoires sont dessinées par Leone Frollo et sont bien sur les plus intéressantes, tant au niveau de l'histoire qu'au niveau du dessin qui est vraiment fantastique ! --http://poncetd.club.fr/images/couvertures/ContesMalicieux/Biancaneve.htm [Aug 2005]

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Around the time the European cinematic sex-and-horror boom was hitting full swing (check out Tombs and Tohill's Immoral Tales for an excellent overview), there was a corresponding boom in sleazy pulp digest-size sex-and-horror comics (fumetti, in Italian). These fumetti rivaled the movies in explicitness and intensity. Immoral Tales [pages 265-268] features a brief Appendix about them, and that's how I became interested.

I haven't had an easy time tracking any of these down, but my efforts have yielded some success. Because I've had to take whatever I could find, I haven't been able to collect exclusively in the original Italian. I also have Dutch and French versions (in Dutch they're called strip pockets, and in French they're called bandes dessinees [petit format]). I would assume there are also Spanish versions, though I haven't run across any yet. [note: Tiburon]

Alas, there's some confusing variation among these different language versions. Lucifera is Lucifera is Lucifera, all across the board. However, the Italian Biancaneve is the Dutch Erotische Vertellingen is the French Contes Malicieux. The numbering is often different, too. Erotische Vertellingen runs together an earlier and a later series of Biancaneve. Special supplementary issues in Italian might appear as regular numbers in the series in another language. I don't know if some Italian numbers are omitted in other versions, but it wouldn't surprise me.

The covers might be slightly different, too. Usually that means variation in the color, or mirror-flipped images, but some art has actually been altered to tone down the nudity. --Curt via http://groovyageofhorror.blogspot.com/2005/02/few-notes-on-collecting-70s-horror.html [Aug 2005]

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Liens de femmes (2001) - Leone Frollo, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri

Liens de femmes (2001) - Leone Frollo, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri [FR] [DE] [UK]

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