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Leroy Sibbles (1949 - )


Leroy Sibbles, born 1949, Jamaica, fronted the original Heptones up to 1976, when he embarked on an erratic solo career. In the sixties he worked at Coxsone Dodd's legendary Studio One as a bass player, background vocalist, arranger and talent scout. Together with ace musicians like keyboard virtuoso, arranger and bandleader Jackie Mittoo and guitarist Ernest Ranglin Sibbles created some of Studio One's classic riddims. In 1971 Leroy Sibbles and his Heptones ended their extremely successful association with Coxsone Dodd and went on to record for a range of renown producers including Joe Gibbs, Augustus Pablo, Harry Mudie and Harry J., still scoring hit after hit. Not only did Sibbles continue to come up with impressive compositions, the trio also started to rework songs from their Studio One years. Some of the best can be found on the "Night Food" album and their classic and most popular album "Party Time". The latter was also the last album of the original Heptones, although they reunited briefly to record an album - entitled "Pressure" - with producer Tappa Zukie in the early nineties.

Blessed with unequalled songwriting abilities and a sweet sensual voice, Leroy Sibbles will never be far from the forefront of reggae music as can be witnessed on this album. Backed by the Firehouse Crew, recorded at Record Factory and produced by Bunny Gemini Leroy Sibbles delivers a truly solid effort in a contemporary style with links to parts of that rich Jamaican musical heritage Leroy Sibbles used to contribute generously. Revitalized riddims from the Studio One vaults like "Undying Love", "Love Me Forever" and "Swing Easy" alternate with original riddims. Besides that this album includes tunes with themes reminiscent of some of the classic songs he penned when the Heptones were at the peak of their musical career. Highlights include the wicked combination song in a dancehall stylee It's Not Over, the excellent As Long As I Live and the positive vibes of "Love Is Everywhere". http://www.reggae-vibes.com/rev_sin/comerock.htm

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  • Leroy Sibbles is the bass player en vocalist of the Heptones, check their Lee Perry produced album 'Party Time'. Leroy Sibbles has also been active on Wackies records.
  • Heptones interview, transcribed by Carter Van Pelt

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