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Lialeh [SOUNDTRACK] (1973) - Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

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Lialeh [SOUNDTRACK] (1973) - Bernard "Pretty" Purdie [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Forget foreplay, baby, the main event is here! Light In The Attic proudly presents the soundtrack to LIALEH, the first major black porn movie and final word in soulful shagging music. Bryan Records released this Shaft-era classic in 1974, and since then it's been harder to find than a honky in Harlem. Legendary drummer Bernard "Pretty" Purdie composed, produced and performed LIALEH's score, while between projects with Curtis Mayfield, Aretha, The Last Poets, The Rolling Stones, James Brown...

Music fans have long looked to LIALEH for seven original Purdie tracks, his first as writer/composer, untempered by the A&R's who guided his records for Flying Dutchman, Date, Prestige and Mega. To snag a copy of LIALEH, you could spend more than $600 on eBay or a mere $12.99 at Light In The Attic. Same great music, and mo' money to spend on your honey. --http://www.lightintheattic.net/releases/lialeh/index.php [Feb 2006]

Bernard Purdie
Bernard Purdie was born June 11, 1939 in Elkton, Maryland as the eleventh of fifteen children. Purdie began already as a six-year-old to bang out rhythms on improvised equipment. At 14 years of age he purchased his first real drum set and became the most important provider for the family - earning his pay with country and carnival bands. This "schooling" enabled Purdie to "feel my way into nearly every kind of music, 'cause I had to know all styles and was never afraid to try something new."

Purdie moved to New York in 1960 after finishing high school and played with (among others), Lonnie Youngblood before landing his first hit with King Curtis. This led to his engagement with Aretha Franklin in 1970 - the beginning of an unparalleled career. Since then, Purdie has been a regular guest in the studios of the stars of Jazz, Soul, and Rock, working together with Paul Butterfield as well as Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Hall & Oates, Al Kooper, Herbie Mann, Todd Rundgren and Cat Stevens, as well as regularly producing his own solo albums under his own name. --http://www.bernardpurdie.com/profile.htm [Feb 2006]

Lialeh (film)
Lialeh is a well made cheap adult film that recently got a major hype due to the soundtrack done by Bernard Purdie. It was legit released by Arrow videos with a mention it is THE BLACK DEEPTHROAT (since Arrow released DEEP THROAT on video), but the film has nothing to do with deepthroat nor even shares the plotline. The film stands on it's own, with multiple locations which was uncommon in early 70's adult films. It was also uncommon to have a film mostly black cast for a adult film in that era. The film director Barron Borcovichy does a wonderful job making this cheap film look professional, especially the soundtrack. --William via [Feb 2006]

Certification: USA:X (self applied)

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