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Lies (1999) - Sun-Woo Jang

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  1. Lies (1999) - Sun-Woo Jang [Amazon.com]
    Jang Sun Woo's highly controversial film chronicles the bizarre sexual relations of a 38 year-old man, J, and an 18 year-old student, Y, who is intent on losing her virginity before graduation. After the initial encounter, they embark on a sexual odyssey toward the realms of obsession and sadomasochism. No common love affair, theirs tests the limits of both body and mind. Intense desires drive them into a relationship that revolves around pain, pleasure and unavoidable lies. As J's sexual needs take on addictive dimensions, Y begins to draw back. Insecurities, doubts and indiscretions begin to weigh on a love that once knew no limits... - From the Back Cover This movie contains a scene where the couple eat each other's feces and than kiss.

    Gojitmal (English-title:Lies) is a 1999 controversial South Korean movie depicting a sadomasochistic sexual relationship between 38-year-old sculptor and 18-year-old student. The movie stars Lee Sang Hyun and Kim Tae Yeon and is directed by Jang Sun Woo. Both leading casts are not actors by trade. Lee Sang Hyun is a sculptor by trade while Jang Sun Woo is a fashion model.

    The movie has been banned in South Korea due to its pornographic sexual exhibition. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gojitmal [Nov 2005]

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