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Lil' Kim

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Hard Core - (1996) - Lil' Kim [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Lil' Kim is called the Madonna of hip hop

Hard Core (1996) - Lil' Kim

Hard Core - (1996) - Lil' Kim [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

In November of 1996, the world was introduced to Kim Jones. This woman may be little, but her words and opinions aren't. Lil Kim realeased her solo album, but still had some help from her pals Lil Cease, Biggie, and Puffy. A then relatively unknown Jay-Z made a guest appearence on "Big Momma Thang", just months after his own debut album. Commercially successful tracks like "No Time" and "Crush On You" propelled the album's success...Although listeners may have felt mislead when they realized that the album version of "Crush On You" was different from the highly rotated radio version. This album is an in-depth look at a young, hustling female player, and is not for the light at heart. "Not Tonight" is a good lyrical effort with a relaxed beat, produced by another new comer, Jermaine Dupri. His vocals in the background are reminiscent of Puffy, and are now a staple in every rap song. "Dreams" is most likely not was most would describe as their dreams, but you can't say you've never thought of those men! Hard Core is worth a try, give it a couple of listens....If you're not satisfied that's too bad because you'll never find another female MC like Kim. --carakay2 via Amazon.com

Another of the Notorious B.I.G's women--Lil' Kim comes into her own with Hard Core, perhaps the most explicitly pornographic album ever made by a woman. With the possible exception of soulmate Foxy Brown, Lil' Kim is the hardest woman in R&B. Sexual over and undertones abound with songs like 'Take it!', and the album features the usual handful of guest appearances, including the now-late Biggy Smalls and members of her former band Junior Mafia. Production chores are handled by the hottest kids on the block: Sean Combs--a.k.a Puff Daddy, Badboy second-in-command Stevie J. and SoSoDef supremo Jermaine Dupri. With the rudest introduction and interlude sections ever recorded, the album features the single "Crush On You" (not to be confused with the Jets/Aaron Carter) which is confusing since Li'l Kim's only contribution to this track seems to be intermittently moaning the word "true". Incidentally, the album's cover is stolen more regularly than any other from London's largest chain of second hand record shops, although what this says about the music is perhaps open to question. --Ronita Dutta

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