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  • The Reading Experience [literature] [May 2006]
  • http://www.novaplanet.com/radiolive/novalive.asp Not a blog, but the best radio-station in the world, broadcasting from Paris, Europe
  • http://www.shaviro.com/Blog/ Pinocchio Theory, Steven Shaviro's blog [Jun 2005]
  • http://www.trashfiction.co.uk/index2.html [Jun 2005]
  • http://nakedhippies.blogspot.com [Jun 2005] Groovy naked hippies
  • http://popyourfunk.blogspot.com music, with lots of audio [Feb 2006]
  • http://woebot.com music, lots of record sleeves [Feb 2006]
  • 20 Jazz Funk Greats (MP3, music)
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    Six degrees in the blogosphere

    Jahsonic is not linked at Wood s Lot nor at Cipango but all are featured at the Giornale Nuovo

    Jahsonic is not linked at Blissblog nor K-punk but both all are featured at popyourfunk

    Jahsonic is not linked at Dadanoias but connected to it via PCL Linkdump and notes from somewhere bizarre

    Jahsonic is featured at cold-me.net and so are Steven Shaviro and Blissblog and K-punk.

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  • http://www.discogs.com Very good electronic music database, from the late eighties till now.
  • http://furious.com/perfect/toc.html
  • http://www.mixoftheweek.com Pre-recorded, weekly mixes of soul, house, techno, dub and other groovy sounds. Consistent high quality.
  • http://www.timlawrence.info from the author of Loves Saves the Day
  • http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/ music man and intellectual provocateur Bart Plantenga. Wreck this Mess. From Amsterdam.
  • http://www.freestylegrooves.com/ From my Belgian friends
  • http://www.allmusic.com Number one music resource on the web. One mistake though. Disco, house et all are subcategory of rock. Rock and Roll is not about dancing in clubs, is it?
  • http://www.soulwalking.co.uk Very complete soul music site out of England
  • http://www.deepdisco.com Most stylish disco site, every week a new realaudio track. My friend Jason.
  • http://www.mixoftheweek.com super eclectic audio mix site

    Social sciences

    http://www.glbtq.com Encyclopedia of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender & queer issues with a focus on arts, literature and social sciences

    Film links

    1. http://www.imdb.com
      The most complete movie database, owned by amazon.com
    2. http://www.kinocite.co.uk
      Keith Brown's site, a PhD student specializing in European popular cinema, especially Italian and British cult/exploitation cinema
    3. http://www.sensesofcinema.com
      From Australia, an online film journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema. [...]
    4. http://www.brightlightsfilm.com/
      A popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, and commentary written by curdled critics and excitable academics. Gary Morris is chief-editor [...]
    5. http://www.offscreen.com
      With chief editor Donato Totaro, a very prolific cinema writer.
    6. http://www.imagesjournal.com/
      Articles about movies, with an emphasis on the visual language of cinema. Includes studies of Westerns, film noir, serials, horror, stardom, and Alfred Hitchcock.
    7. http://daily.greencine.com This blog is joined at the hip with GreenCine (www.greencine.com), the online DVD rental, video-on-demand and DivX service. "For People Who Like to Watch." GreenCine Daily is primarily written by GC Editor David Hudson with contributions as noted. We encourage comments here and appreciate tips via email: editor at greencine dot com. [...]

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