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Run Lola Run (1998) - Tom Tykwer

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Lola Rennt/Run Lola Run (1998) - Tom Tykwer [Amazon.com]


Run Lola Run (original German title Lola rennt, lit. "Lola runs") is a 1998 film by German screenwriter and director Tom Tykwer, starring Franka Potente as Lola. It is an unconventional film, in that it covers the same twenty-minute span of time three times, each differing in small details that in turn lead the story to radically different outcomes.

The script follows a spiral structure. Spirals are frequently used as a visual motif.

The film, particularly with its time limit and "multiple lives" concept, owes something to video games. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run_Lola_Run [Dec 2004]


Tom Tykwer (born May 23, 1965) is a German film director.

Tykwer is best known for directing Run Lola Run (1998).--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Tykwer [Apr 2005]

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