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Lucía y el Sexo/Sex and Lucia (2001)

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Lucía y el Sexo/Sex and Lucia (Unrated Edition) (2001) - Julio Medem [Amazon.com]


Lucía y el sexo (Sex and Lucía) is a 2001 Spanish film, written and directed by Julio Medem and starring Paz Vega and Tristán Ulloa.

The story is that of a waitress named Lucía (Vega) and her relationship with an author, Lorenzo Álvarez (Ulloa), as well as a host of other characters whose lives converge on a mysterious island.

Other actors include Najwa Nimri, Daniel Freire and Elena Anaya. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luc%C3%ADa_y_el_sexo [Nov 2005]

  • Lucía y el Sexo/Sex and Lucia (Unrated Spanish Edition) (2001) - Julio Medem [Amazon.com]
    Sex and Lucia engages mind and body with its time-bending narrative and images of beautiful Spaniards having vibrant sex. The story shifts between past and present, fact and fiction, so a plot summary won't capture it, but… A young writer named Lorenzo falls into a passionate relationship with a waitress named Lucía. But he also finds himself drawn to a young nanny taking care of a child who just might be the result of an anonymous fling Lorenzo had with a woman he met on an island the year before. Lorenzo fantasizes about the lives of all of these women until a horrific event sends him into a suicidal depression. This may sound obscure or flat, but Sex and Lucía unfolds clearly and beautifully, featuring stunning visual images of both nature and flesh, and weaving a poetic spell much like the director's previous film, The Lovers of the Arctic Circle. --Bret Fetzer, amazon.com

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