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MSN (or Microsoft Network) is an internet service provider and web portal (initially meant to be a parallel net to the Internet) created by Microsoft on August 24, 1995, coinciding with the release of Windows 95. The MSN moniker has since been extended to Microsoft's Hotmail webmail service and the MSN Messenger instant messaging client, as well as other Microsoft-branded websites.

With 9 million subscribers, MSN is the second largest ISP in the United States behind Time Warner's America Online service with 26.5 million.

MSN.com (http://msn.com) is now the #2 most visited English website on the internet, behind #1 competitor Yahoo!'s Yahoo.com (http://yahoo.com), due in no small part to the page being the default home page for the Internet Explorer web browser. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSN [Apr 2005] Recently the word "MSN" has come to be synonymous with "MSN Messenger" in internet slang. To use MSN Messenger, the users must have a Microsoft .NET Passport.

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