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Maladolescenza (1977) - Pier Giuseppe Murgia

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In the 1970s, however, puberty sex taboos were broken. Eva Ionesco (12), Laura Wendel (11) and Martin Loeb (17) in Maladolescenza shed their clothes, while Natasja Kinski (14), Mariel Hemingway (13), Brooke Shields (11), Benolt Ferreux (15) and Linda Blair (12) appeared in revealing scenes. --Jan Schuijer and Benjamin Rossen via http://www.ipt-forensics.com/journal/volume4/j4_2_1.htm [Jan 2005]


The soundtrack by Pippo Caruso is probably the best thing about the controversial cult movie Maladolescenza (AKA Puppy Love or Spielen wir Liebe).

Set in a picturesque forest, the story tells the tale of a boy (played by Martin Loeb) and girl (Lara Wendel) who, in their early teens share the explorations of their awakening sexuality. --http://www.moviegrooves.com/shop/maladolescenzasoundtrack.htm [Jan 2005]

Trivia: Lara Wendel became an actress in Italy. She appeared in arthouse films, such as "Identification of a Woman" by Michelangelo Antonioni and "Federico Fellini's Intervista".

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