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Marcus Belgrave

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Marcus Belgrave is a jazz trumpet player based in Detroit. He has recorded with with a variety of famous musicians, bandleaders, and record labels since the 1950s. Notable among them are: Ray Charles, Charles Mingus, Gunther Schuller, Motown Records, Tribe Records, A.Spencer Barefield, The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Rodney Whitaker, and Carl Craig. He has gained a reputation for cultivating young jazz talent. Some examples are: Rodney Whitaker, Kenny Garret, Regina Carter, James Carter, and Carlos McKinney.


  1. Detroit Experiment (2003) - Carl Craig [CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1. Think Twice 2. Space Odyssey 3. Midnight At The 20 Grand 4. Too High 5. Revelation (Instrumental) 6. Interlude 7. Church 8. There Is A G-D 9. Baby Needs New Shoes 10. Space Break 11. The Way We Make Music 12. Unknown 13. Bonus Track 1 14. Bonus Track 2 In this talent-packed project, a varied cast of Detroit players were thrown into a studio for a few days to see what would happen. Produced by techno pioneer Carl Craig, the lineup includes jazz heavies (reedist Bennie Maupin, trumpeter Marcus Belgrave, pianist Geri Allen, and violin sensation Regina Carter), Motown session players (guitarist Percy Hughes and drummer Ron Otis), and various hip-hop and electronic people. The result is a tidy musical package crammed with rich ambient textures, percolating rhythms (stellar percussionist Francisco Mora sees to that), and strong grooves that still leave enough room for the jazz folk to solo comfortably. Ranging from the smooth-jazz-like "Revelation" to the interstellar bop of "Space Odyssey" to the outright hip-hop of "The Way We Make Music" to a surreal reading of Stevie Wonder's "Too High," the 14 tracks here have a little something for everyone, without sacrificing quality. Rarely has this new electro-jazz-hip-hop hybrid had such soul, but what else would you expect from Detroit? --Tad Hendrickson for Amazon.com
  2. Universal Sounds of America [1 CD, Amazon UK]
    1. Space 2 - Durrah, David 2. Theme de yoyo - Art Ensemble Of Chicago 3. Lions of judah - Reid, Steve 4. Astral travelling - Sanders, Pharaoh 5. Space odyssey - Belgrave, Marcus 6. Empty street - Reid, Steve 7. Kitty bey - Morris, Byron 8. Space 1 - Durrah, David 9. Space is the place - Sun Ra
    Currently in very heavy rotation on my machine. Get this! Warning: link is to Amazon UK.
    Universal Sounds of America features music from radical Afro-American Jazz musicians in the USA in the 1970's. At a time when commercial jazz music was revolving around whether it would sound good in an Elevator at low volume, a number of Jazz musicians were seeking different musical paths. Self Determination, Creative Development, Community and Education were more important to these musicians than economic wealth, fame and stardom. [...] [...]

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