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Mushroom Jazz 4 (2002) - Mark Farina
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Top 5 Music that was life changing.
1) Rhythim is Rhythim "It is What it Is"
2) Liasons Dangeureuses "Peut être Pas"
3) Kraftwerk "Computer World"
4) Electribe 101 "Electribal Memories"
5) Yello "Bostich"


Mark Farina (born in Chicago on March 25, 1969) is a disk jockey and musician, known for his chicago house, acid jazz and downtempo works. Notable releases include Mood (KMS Records, 1989) and the Mushroom Jazz series (Om Records, 1992-). He is primarily identified with the house music scene in San Francisco, CA, where he resides, but is involved in the production of numerous highly-regarded parties, including Melodic. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Farina [Sept 2006]

A Profile

Acid jazz artist Mark Farina came up in Chicago's house music scene along with fellow pioneers Derek Carter and Cajmere, and was an original member of the seminal electronic trio Symbols and Instruments. (Their classic, "Mood," was considered by some to be the first ever ambient house track, rating above New Order and Deee-Lite in the 1989 year end top fifty music poll by British music mag "The Face.")

Relocating to San Francisco, Farina spends most of his time traveling and playing the international club circuit, occasionally stopping long enough to play resident at a few select San Francisco clubs. He produced the popular continuous mix compilations Mushroom Jazz series 1 & 2 for OM Records, and headlined the Mushroom Jazz 1 and 2 tours in 1997 and 1999.


Mark Farina is coming to town this Sunday and it’s going to be phenomenal. Born in Chicago March 25, 1969 just outside of Chicago, he was influenced early on by artists such as Front 242, Yello, Ministry and Kraftwerk.

Mark’s DJ career started at the ripe age of 15 after many nights of DJ booth hangin’ at Medusa’s (an 18-and-over club in downtown Chicago). Shortly thereafter he met Derrick Carter who was working at the premier House music outlet, Imports. Derrick instantly became a major influence, best friend and DJing partner. Mark’s first record with friends Chris and Derrick under the name Symbols and Instruments, entitled Mood, came out in 1989 on KMS Detroit/Network UK. The single went on to sell more than 45,000 units in the U.S. and U.K. Since then he has been touring the globe and DJing in San Francisco, his home of the last five years

Some of the many achievements by Mark include a mix CD release on Domestic Records, entitled Seasons, and an enhanced double-disc release on OM Records entitled Mushroom Jazz. Mushroom Jazz’s CD-ROM component received the Macromnedia’s Peoples Choice Award for design and functionality in 1996, placing Mark in high regard on the technological map and subsequently placing Om Records on the Underground House map! Another recent project was for Mixmag’s renowned superstar CD compilations, United DJs of America. Mark’s more recent projects are Mushrooms’ companion, Vol. 2.


    Mushroom Jazz 4 (2002) - Mark Farina
    [FR] [DE] [UK] 1. Little Soul, A - Pete Rock 2. Hot Bananas - Scienz Of Life 3. Suite For Beaver Part 1, The - People Under The Stairs Listen Listen 4. Truth In Position - Maspyke 5. Chicago Babe - Trankilou 6. Wiggle And Giggle - Joshua 7. Shoplif - Ripshop feat. Mr. Lif 8. Keep Your Head Up - Laurnea 9. Original Beats - DJ Slave 10. No - Fat Jon 11. Mellow Soul Fruit - Wick Wack 12. Listen - Benny Blanko 13. Phone Tap - Bernal Boogie 14. Irreconcilable - Sub-Conscious 15. Seems To Know - Julius Papp & Dave Warrin 16. Find Yourself - Space Hopper 17. Dayz - DJ Spinna 18. Big Fish - Dubbie-D 19. Bath Music - Greyboy feat. Dave Pike & Elgin Park
    For the fourth release in his acclaimed Mushroom Jazz series, DJ Mark Farina lets the urban dance and hip-hop roll while staying true to the downtempo, rainy-day-jazz mode that inspired the series title. Farina has left a trail of devoted jazz-house fans in his wake, from Chicago to San Francisco. Some might not follow the path he walks on this record, which even more than Jazz 3 finds inspiration in the DJ flava of rappers like Mr. Lif and Fat Jon. Others will appreciate the easy, smooth vibe of the record, not to mention Farina's always dependable taste in selections and contrasts. Benny Blanko's "Listen" empties into the funky din of Bernal Boogie's "Phone Tap" with nary a ripple, while tracks from Scienz of Life and People Under the Stairs hypnotize and pleasantly disorient the listener with a sweaty serenity. By cradling rougher styles in smooth trip textures, Farina successfully expands his palette and keeps the series crispy fresh. --Matthew Cooke for amazon.com [...]

  1. Mushroom Jazz Vol.2 (1998) - Mark Farina [1CD Amazon US]
    1. If I Fall... [Jay's Urban Dub] - Naked Music NYC 2. Made in the Shade 3. How Sweet It Is - Mr. Scruff 4. Pepe Dans la Dentelle - Pepe Bradock 5. Sunday Night 6. That Time of Day (Again) 7. Poppy's Song - Big Muff 8. Liquid [Instrumental] 9. Then Came You - Kevin Yost 10. Sandworms 11. Cutee 12. Piano Grand - Tony D. 13. Lyrics and Vibes 14. Make Me Happy [DJ Spinna Original Mix] - Cooly's Hot Box 15. How Sweet It Is [Reprise] [Hidden Track] - Mr. Scruff [...]
  2. Connect - Mark Farina [1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Intro 2. Boca De Bon Do Neon - Latin Impressions 3. Salsa Fresca - Mustafa 4. Future Signs - Swirl People 5. Work It Out - Joshua 6. Rise (Jam Version) - Kenny Carvajal 7. You Suck - Avondale Music Society 8. Set It On Fire - Martin Venetjoki 9. Vuelve A Casa - Halo, Penn & Chus 10. Seven Of Nine - Andrew Macari 11. Jiffy Pop - Brett Johnson 12. Radio - Mark Farina 13. Yokoona Skateboard 2 - Diz 14. Don't Let Anyone - Kicksquad and Onlymatt 15. Right On (Can 7" Remix) - Silicone Soul 16. A Brighter Day - Kaskade 17. With You - Sirus

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