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Martin Margiela

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"His creations are known for their mixture of innovation and wearability, for his ingenious solutions to how a garment's essential elements can be re-imagined," says a review of the book Maison Martin Margiela. This sums up Martin Margiela's place in fashion history.

Born in Belgium(1959), Martin Margiela studied at the Antwerpen's Fine Arts School(1980) and was a freelance designer for 5 years after graduation.

He worked for Jean Paul Gaultier for two years (1985-87) and decided to strike out on his own, showing his first collection under his own label in 1988.

Considered by many as part of the new avant-garde designers, Martin Margiela is a master of deconstruction and reconstruction of garments.

He can see beyond the garment and the fabric - like destroying a gown to create a jacket from it, ripping a lot of old socks and making a sweater from them.

You can call it recycling, but it goes beyond that, because the final product is a far cry from the original fueled by Martin Margiela's imagination.

He has his pecularities - he never shows himself in the catwalk, and he uses old forms, old mannequins, and clothes hangers to show his collection.

Behind these eccentrities is a designer beyond fashion, beyond the fabric and the dress and a man who makes his imagination a reality when it comes to creating a garment.

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