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Mateo & Matos

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Classic Inspirations (2001) - Mateo and Matos
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John Mateo and Eddie Matos have been producing and remixing since the mid 1980's and since then have released records on every major indie label in New York during their career.

Having being interested in Djing and making music since the late 70's they met through the avenue of CB Radio and quickly hit it off. Listening to Kiss FM and Disco 92 WKTU and enjoying the music that Tony Humphries, Shep Pettibone and Jonathan Fearing were playing, inspired the pair. Soon after the duo became partners and got to know Louie Vega who at the time was playing at Hearthrob in NYC. Louie was a great inspiration for the duo as they learned their craft in the studio watching louie with producing and editing.

In 1986, Hector Cruz, who was a friend of the great Larry Levan, who was playing at clubs such as the Loft and The Garage, introduced them to the Loft. They got their first big break when they began playing at Cruz's House Nation club. From 1986 through 1989, DJing took over their lives any they played everywhere from Clubs to street summer parties.

In late 89 they moved into production when they set up Final Cut Records with a business partner. In 93 having enjoyed success with the label they began working for other Independent labels in New York, working with just about every major label in the city. Now in 1998/99 they have decided to work with only a few selected labels and have set up a new label United Underground House Sounds. http://www.mateomatos.com


In the eighties John Mateo and Eddie Matos received their musical education from house-masters Louie Vega (Masters At Work), Tony Humphries and Larry Levan in legendary clubs like The Loft, The Garage and House Nation, their first resident-spot. The last decade they turned every club from Russia to Singapore with a reputation upside down. With over 60 soulful releases on dozens of quality-labels like Nervous, Spiritual Life, Nite Grooves, Large, Glasgow Underground, their own label United Underground House Sound and the now defunct Final Cut Records, Mateo & Matos have gained an international status. The provisional pinnacle of their career came last year with the versatile album ‘Many Shades of Mateo & Matos’ (Glasgow Underground): sensual house-beats peppered with a nice touch of latin, disco and soul. This summer sees the release of new remixes of ‘Idris Rises’ by Joe Claussell and themselves on Spiritual Life, followed by ‘Soulware’, the new single on United Underground House Sound. Mateo & Matos... keepin’ that deep house vibe alive! -- http://www.5voor12.com


  1. Classic Inspirations (2001) - Mateo and Matos [Amazon US]
    1. Blaze "We All Must Live Together" -Timmy Regisford Mix- (Motown Records) 2. Two Man Sound "Que Tal America" (Amc) 3. T Connection "Do What You Wanna Do" (Emi Records) 4. Billy Ocean "Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)" (Sony Music) 5. Carlos Santana "Mudbone" (Sony Records) 6. Divadip Carlos Santana "I Am Free" (Sony Records) 7. Cat Stevens "Was Dog A Doughnut" (Universal) 8. Brick "Living From The Mind" (Sony Records) 9. Mandrill "Yucca Jump" (Emi) 10. Mongo Santamaria "Cloud Nine (Sony Records) 11. Kasso "Key West" (Universal) 12. Montana Sextet "Heavy Vibes" (Philly Sound Works)

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