Maurice Fulton

Maurice Fulton began his professional career in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1982, inspired by Grand Master Flash, he stepped up to the turntables and never looked back. Maurice’s first professional gig (at the age of 13) was an afternoon spot Monday thru Friday on WEBB 1360 AM radio playing HIP HOP with DJ Wildstyle where he took on the name "DR. SCRATCH".

Later on, in 1984, while still on the radio, Maurice landed his first club residency at a gay club called Hats where he had the freedom to play garage music. His skills and selection were so fierce that a few weeks later he grabbed a second residency at The Last Stop. By 1986, Dr. Scratch had become a household name in Baltimore; and that summer, with DJ Wildstyle, he took off on tour . By the end of the tour, Maurice had had his fill of Hip Hop mostly because of the violence. Back in Baltimore, he turned his attention back to garage and found another Friday night residency at the legendary club: Odell’s. That same year, he got a job at the best record store in town. This is where he met Tommy, Teddy and Jay who were soon to become the Basement Boys.

For the next few years, Maurice took a break from DJing so he could concentrate on making music. He had already had some experience on keyboards playing organ in church and drums in school. His talent was quickly put to use by the Basement Boys. His keyboard and drum programing can be heard behind the voices of such greats as Ultra Nate and Crystal Waters. In 1990, while still working on music, Maurice began to hear the call of the turntables once again and started doing guest spots at clubs such as Club Fantasy and Paradox in Baltimore. Later on, he found himself back on the radio doing guest spots on 92Q FM and 88.9 Morgan State.

In 1996, Maurice moved to New York City to further his producing, remixing, and DJ career. You’ll find his most recent work on such labels as Warp, SSR, Discfunction, Nuphonic, Transfusion, Pagan UK, and Sahko Recordings. In 2000 Maurice moved to Melbourne, Australia to start a record lable Bubble Tease. The first release was an 3 track ep featuring "Fairlight Sunrise" which was picked up by Nova radio in France.

Maurice has been playing all over the U.S. and around the world since 1990. You’ll often find him in the DJ booth at world-renowned clubs such as Bar Rhumba and 333, UK; Loop, Japan; Skansen, Oslo; Lux, Portugal; Nitsa, Barcelona and Kerma in Finland, where he hooked up with Finnish Pop Star Jimi Tenor who immediately put him to work remixing cuts off his latest album "Organism" & "Out of Nowhere" . And also joining the band on on the world tour.

Thru the years Maurice Fulton has developed his own unique sound and versatile style. Deemed "the Yankee King of Weird House" by Jockey Slut Magazine ( June/July ‘99) and DJ of The Month, ID Magazine (Sept. ‘99), his skills on three turntables are virtually unmatched combined with his selection of garage & loft, classics and todays underground dance music always leaves the crowd screaming for more.


  1. Nova - Test Four (2001) [Amazon FR] | [Amazon US]
    1. You're God(Ana Rago) 2. Fairlight Sunrise(Syclops) [MauriceFulton.html] 3. Granada(Slowsupreme) 4. Tamiami Trail(Mayaku) 5. Dance(Esg) 6. 120 E7(Defacto) 7. Yam(Danmass) 8. Dream 17(Annette) 9. Magenta(Circulation) 10. Lost In The Machine(Doctor L) 11. Stuck(Contriva) 12. Ritual(Brandy) 13. Summer ( The First Time)(Bobby Goldsboro)

    Alors que fleurissent les compilations en tout genre, le nouveau volume de la série Test apporte un peu de fraîcheur au sein d'un marché juteux et saturé. Avec Ivan Smagghe, on sait d'avance que l'on va explorer les recoins les plus excitants de l'actualité musicale, hors des sentiers battus. Ici, pas de place pour le déjà-vu, les morceaux sont soit inédits soit rares et explorent principalement les côtés insolites et sombres de l'electro, du rock, du dub et de la funk. De l'égérie du label Set de Smagghe, Ana Rago, au producteur house déjanté Syclops (alias Maurice Fulton), des ambiances electro hybrides du Scandinave Slowsupreme au mythique groupe funk ESG, du dub conscient de Defacto à la trance progressive de Circulation, la techno rootsy de Brandy (remix par Château Flight), on ne peut dire qu'un grand merci à Ivan. --Pedro Summer for

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