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Michael Sicinski

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Films About You: Structural Cinema and the Corporeal Spectator


In 1980, B. Ruby Rich published an essay in the Marxist film journal Jump Cut entitled “In the Name of Feminist Film Criticism,” surveying a wide array of feminist film practices of the time. Amidst discussions of woman-centered documentaries, realist narrative cinema from around the world, and the knotty intertextual experimentalism of Yvonne Rainer, Rich briefly cites a feminist structural film from 1972, Anne Severson’s Near the Big Chakra. A film of stark and unpretentious beauty, Chakra consists of 36 sequential close-ups of vaginas. They are demographically varied, in a manner which implies systematicity, but organized so as to connote a casual assemblage, a round-up of women friends.
--Michael Sicinski, http://academichack.net/fixedframe.html [2004]

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